Spatial Cognition is concerned with the acquisition, organization, utilization, and revision of knowledge about spatial environments. These capabilities enable humans to manage basic and high-level cognitive tasks in everyday life. Numerous disciplines work together to understand spatial cognition in humans and in technical systems.    

* SFB/TR8 "Spatial Cognition: Reasoning - Action - Interaction"
* interdisciplinary research in different areas of Computer Science, Linguistics and Cognitive Science
* 13 projects at the universities of Bremen and Freiburg
* financed by DFG
* launched January 2003
* international guest professorships
* study grants
* fostered basic research in spatial cognition
application-driven investigations
* dissemination of results
* International Spatial Cognition Summer Institute (ISCSI 2003)
* financed by DAAD

* interdisciplinary investigation of human knowledge and thought about space
* 17 projects throughout Germany
* bringing together scientists from cognitively oriented subareas of Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Linguistics, Geography
* funded 1996-2002
* financed by DFG

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